Born in Brest (France) 15th May 1985
Address : Quai Eric Tabarly Brest
Marina du Château - 29200 BREST - France (+33) 06-87-67-82-06

2015 Yacht Master Offshore Power & Sailing (RYA)
Medical 1, Base Fire Fighting, STCW 95
VHF SRC (Short Range Certificate)
2012 Permis Côtier

M/Y BELLA SIRENA | 14m Rivarama English flag    Privat management- Privatsea yachting
Captain | Mars 2017-now                                +302116007141 -
o I pilot, manage the repairs & the maintenances. The yacht is based in Saint-Tropez

S/Y COUSIN | 15m Fontaine-Pajot french flag Private cruise - Owner Karim Elharim
Captain | January 2017–February 2017 (350 miles nautical) +336 32 90 37 43 –
o I prepared itinerary to discover Seychelles islands, I piloted catamaran and managed the life onboard (cooking, activity as snorkeling or fishing)
o I was the only crew. On board there was one family so 4 guests.

S/Y CAPLONGUE | 12m Romanée french flag Private delivery –  Owner Yvan Chapon
Captain | November 2016 (1500 miles nautical) +596 81 13 99 71 –
o I prepared the itinerary, I manage two mates onboard. The sailing boat was delivering from Brest in France, to Gran Canaria in Canaries islands. We had do two stopover because of two storms, the first to Lisboa and the second to Portimao.
o I wrote the logbook and organized the shifts for quarter.

M/Y BAB’S | 15m Fiart Belgian flag Private cruise  – Owner Laurène Le Coq
Captain | September 2016 (2000 miles nautical) +336 16 35 11 49 –
o I prepared itinerary to discover Corsica island. I piloted the yacht and managed the life onboard (cooking, activity as snorkeling or fishing)
o I was the only crew. On board there was two family so 7 guests.
o Started from Saint Laurent du Var. 9 Stopovers ( Porto, Cargese, Propriano, Bonifiaco, Rondinara, Solenzara, Pietra-Corba, Centauri, Saint-Florent). Comed back to Saint-Florent.

M/Y ELEGANT | 16m Swift trawler English flag Daycharter – Rent agency TOP CHARTER
Captain | July 2016 – August 2016 (3000 Miles nautical) +334 94 56 35 39 –
o I prepared the yacht (cleaning, refueling), I done discover the place, the best cove at the guest during one day.
o I served and I answered at their requests (island visiting, restaurant, cooking, beach…)
o I was the only crew. Each day the number of guest varied between 4 and 12 guests.

M/Y GOLD | 14m Uniesse Belgian flag Private coaching – Owner Christian Delmas
Captain | June 2016 (200 Miles nautical) +336 87 73 33 09 –
o I taught at the owner to pilot his yacht in Grece islands.

S/Y MALBAN | 9m First 300 Spirit French flag Private delivery- Owner Guillaume Martin
Captain | Octob 2015–Decemb 2015 (4500 Miles nautical) +336 32 01 89 26 –
o I prepared the itinerary, refueling and I managed 4 recreational crews.
o We started From Brest in France. 3 stopovers (Portugal, Canaries islands, Capo-Verde). We arrived to Guadeloupe.

S/Y SAB | 12m Dufour Classic French flag private delivery – Owner Jérémie Renault
First mate | February 2015 (500 miles nautical) +596 96 07 19 96
o I participated maneuvers, I drawed the way, I got the logbook.
o I started from La Rochelle in France to Falmouth in England.

S/Y CAPTAINMORGAN | 9m First 300 Spirit French flag Recreational cruise with my boat
Captain | 2013 – 2014 (900 miles nautical)
o I navigated during my free time with my friends and family a long side the Brittany french coast.

S/Y 10m Dufour French flag cruise – Association A CHACUN SON CAP
Deckhand | 2005 – 2012 (1000 miles nautical) +332 98 46 97 41
o I integrated this association because I had a malady my childhood. She give the possibility to sail to go out of the hospital. It’s her, I discover the world of sailing.

S/Y 6m Figaro French flag Sailing course – Le tour du Finistère
Mate | 1996 (350 miles nautical) +332 98 46 97 41
o It’s a amateur course along side the French Brittany coast.

(Techniques) Can steer a boat, preparing the passage planning, ensure the communication and coordination of crew, delegation of responsibilities and organization of the quarter, Techniques for bad weather and poor visibility.

(Safety at sea) Emergency and distress, customs procedures, be the interface with the harbors, explain to clients safety procedures, respect the rules and safety instructions.

(Living on board) Accommodate the client, present the vessel, behavior and courtesy, informing about the navigation areas, propose other destinations, adapt the passage planning to customer choice and weather, clean indoor/outdoor boat

RECREATIONS : Baseball, guitar